Customer Testimonials

Viswanathan - Peterborough
​​​​​​​ I went with Richard after reading his testimonials and I'm so pleased that I did as I passed first time and now progress at work as I was needed to travel between Peterborough and Coventry. Many thanks Richard.

Vis had been driving before and just needed a little refresher before taking his test, so he opted for the Test Booster course and it worked.
Well done. See you soon for the Pass Plus training.

Desi - Castor
​​​​​​​ I am so happy that I am finally a driver! At 36, I was embarrassed that I left this so late and honestly was not confident at all. I was so lucky to have found the best instructor - I owe my success to the skills and immense patience of Richard Anker!
He was recommended to me by our babisitter, who was only 17 and already passed her test successfully with him.
Richard is also local and I found that very convinient too. But the best thing was that Richard made me feel at ease from the very beginning. He was always patient and friendly, and explained everything to me clearly and as many times as I needed. I am not a 'natural' driver, so it was more difficult for me to relax and get everything right - but Richard guided me patiently in the right direction and tailored the lessons to my individual pace and level of learning.
I cannot be happier that I will be able to drive my family around, go to the supermarket and also - get out of Castor on a Sunday, when there is no bus!:))
Thank you so much, Richard - you made me a free and confident person!

It was my pleasure, I enjoyed every lesson. So now the job market is a lot bigger for you. Good luck.
Rebecca - Corby
​​​​​​​ Learning to drive with Richard was inspiring.
He is a brilliant instructor who makes you feel at ease from the first lesson. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn to drive.
I now feel confident on the road all thanks to having an incredible driving instructor :) Thanks Richard!!!

It was totally my pleasure Bexx. Well done passing your test with a really good drive. Bexx has also now completed the Pass Plus training which she said was really useful.
Take it easy and keep safe in your nice car.
Al - Stamford
​​​​​​​ My cousin recommended Richard to me after he passed first time with him and I'm glad that he did as I also passed first time with Richard. Great instructor, just what Ed said about him and I now can drive my car that's been sitting on my drive. Many thanks Richard.

I'm glad to be of help and pleased that you got through first time. Well done.
Fred - Huntingdon
​​​​​​​ I passed first time with Richard, he's the best instructor I've had. He puts you at ease and explains everything in detail, all the manoeuvres that I was afraid of became easy to perform. Richard spots all... of your mistakes and tells you about them straight away so you can reflect and improve immediately. I highly recommend him if you want to pass! Thanks Richard!

Fred took his test in Cambridge, which he had never driven around before. He went for the 20 hour Midway Pass course and it worked well as he got through with a really good drive with only three minors. Well do mate. Keep safe.
Emma - Empingham
​​​​​​​ Richard is a highly skilled instructor and I am pleased I asked him to teach me to drive. After starting up with driving and then stopping and driving a 4x4 round the farm I had picked up a few bad habits but with Richard I got there.

We had some good laughs and crazy times but he was also professional and patient and taught me everything I didn't know about driving and the MIRRORS.

He always has a positive calm attitude and makes you feel relax from day one. Richard is a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone who is taking up driving. Richard is one in a million and thank you for getting me though my test I am amazed I passed first time with only 2 minors and it's down to you and your lessons.

I also did pass plus with Richard and that was again a great day. We had another good laugh and great morning out but again I learnt a great deal with Richard.

I highly recommend that everyone does pass plus. THANK YOU Richard.

We did have a good time while driving. I don't think Emma realised that she was also being taught how to drive at the same time because everything was so relaxed.
Nicholas - Ketton
I learnt to drive with Richard by doing a one week intensive course, it was one of the best choices I ever made.
I had very little experience of driving before the course but 30 hours in a car with Richard was more than enough to allow me to pass first time. Richard is a very good instructor who plans the lessons to make the most of the time in the car.
He is very patient and never loses his temper and if you're lucky he will even buy you lunch.
The LDC workbook and DVD were very helpful for learning the basics before the lessons and made the lessons much easier. Thank you for helping me pass first time.
Lucy - Exton
​​​​​​​ I cannot recommend Richard highly enough as a driving instructor. Richard is very experienced, he is calm, friendly, reliable and able to explain all aspects of driving in a way that is easy to understand and perform.
I had taken lessons and tests in the past and I was quite nervous about getting back into driving lessons after a 3 year break, but Richard put me completely at ease.
I also received an LDC Driving Skills Workbook to read through. I found it contained all information you need to know from start to finish about driving, performing manoeuvres and what the examiner will expect, including all the 'Show me/Tell me' questions and answers. It was very easy to follow and understand.
After a 2 hour driving assessment with Richard I decided on a Midway Pass course which was 20 hours of intensive in-car tuition where I was taught everything I needed to know to drive and manoeuvre the car safely and competently and guided me through what to expect on my test.
I am very pleased to say I passed with 5 minors thanks to Richard's expertise! Thank you Richard!

We completed the assessment drive and from that we decided that we would book the practical driving test and then arrange the lessons prior to that date doing a short intensive course. The results speak for themselves. Well done Lucy.
Shanice - Wood Walton
​​​​​​​ I'd had other instructors but didn't seem to be progressing, but with only 20 hours with Richard I felt confident and able to pass my time first time with only 4 minors.

William - Thornhaugh
I took my driving lessons with Richard. He is funny and easy to talk to, after a few short months of lessons he had me ready for my test. He was very flexible with fitting lessons in around my work hours. He made sure I was prepared for any eventuality whilst driving in all conditions.

Will had had a few lessons before we started, but we started at the begin just to ensure the basics were fully understood and quickly moved on covering all aspects of driving including the manoeuvres which we completed easily. Will works all hours in a hotel so this will make it a lot easier for all.
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