Customer Testimonials

Elektra - Market Deeping
Another good day at the office! Another First Time Pass!

Well done Elektra passing today at your first attempt. Great drive, you really deserved it.

Well done, be safe and enjoy your new skill.


I owe Richard the biggest thank you for being extremely patient and approachable in his teaching techniques.
He has allowed me to be able to pass first time, something I never believed I could do. Having tried other driving instructors before, learning with Richard was a breath of fresh air, he simplified aspects of driving I once considered terrifying and allowed me to overcome my fears.

Thank you so much!
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Aidan - Yaxley
Another good day at the office. Another First Time Pass!

Well done Aidan Barker passing your driving test today at your first attempt and with only 4 faults.

I know we didn't need too may lessons when you came onboard.

Really well done again. Enjoy your nice VW and be safe.



I went to Richard after I did an intensive course which had very little driving in to what’s expected. During my short time with Richard as my instructor I learnt the majority at a fairly fast rate and anything I didn’t pick up straight away he is always more than happy to go back and practice as much as you need until you are happy.

Very easy going and calm, makes you feel relaxed and comfortable whilst learning even when making mistakes.

Passed first time with only 4 minors, just wish I had started learning with him from the beginning.
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Jude - Market Deeping
The same theme continues with another First Time Pass.

Well done Jude passing your driving test at your first attempt. Great drive and finishing with only two driving faults.

It's been a pleasure teaching you and a big thanks to your parents in entrusting me to teach you and both your brother and sister previously.

Enjoy your Corsa but be safe.

All the best.

Richard is calm, nice, and will go into full detail about anything you're worried about.

He made me feel at ease in sticky situations.

I would strongly recommend Richard for your driving instructor.

Many thanks for that a the massive bar for Chocolate. 🍫😁

Charlotte - Easton on the Hill
Only my second test this month but still another First Time Pass.

Well done Charlotte passing your test today at your first attempt. Great way to spend your half term break learning a life time skill.

Well done keeping focused for the test which ended with a terrific result.

Be safe and enjoy driving.
Odeta - Peterborough
It's been a while since my last test but the result is still the same!
Looks like Odeta is of car shopping this afternoon. 🚗🚗😁

Well done Odeta, great result this morning in the 'snow'. Passing your test with only three driving faults.

Be safe and enjoy driving.

I would highly recommend Richard as a driving instructor to everyone.

He's very easy to get along with, very flexible, patient and great at his job.
His car is also a pleasure to drive!

I felt very confident in it during my test, and I feel very lucky to have chosen Richard to prepare me for the test.

Daniel - Brampton
Another pupil goes. Second test of the new year and second pass.

Well done Daniel great drive this morning ending up with a pass and with only four faults.

Hope you get the car you have your eye as it seems a good one.

Be safe and hope to hear from you for the Pass Plus.

All the best.
Patrick - Warmington
Another year on and my pupils successes continues.

First test of 2019 and first pass!
Well done Patrick passing today and with only 3 driving faults.

Well deserved pass today!

Be safe and enjoy your VW.

All the best.
Sam - Thorney
That was the last test of 2018 and ended with another First Time Pass.

Well done Sam Castle passing today at your first attempt and keeping those nerves under control.

Don't get caught with being the 'taxi' over the Christmas period 😁

All the best and enjoy driving.


Testimonial from Sam who passed last week.

"Through 'direct' teaching Richard was able to build up my confidence which enabled me to adapt the skill of driving independently.

This is also the case when going through manoeuvres.
Resulting me in becoming a confident and safe driver on the road.

Cheers Richard."
Charlotte - Northborough
Day four and the fourth pupil passed their test.

ANOTHER first attempt and AGAIN passing with a single driving fault.

Well done Charlotte, so close to a 'clean sheet'.

Be safe and enjoy your car.

All the best.


Testimonial from Charlotte who passed before Christmas.

Richard was very professional and considerate of any worries I had.
He explained manoeuvres fully and answered any theory questions I had in detail.
He was very encouraging and didn’t let me stress unnecessarily if I got something wrong.
Would highly recommend him.

Thank you Richard!

Thanks for that Charlotte, hope things are going well.
All the best.
Oliver - Sutton
Day three and the third pupil passed their test.

Another First Attempt and this time passing with a single driving fault.

So close to a clean sheet, just that gentle rub on the wheel on the first pull up.

Well done Oliver great drive. Seems like your going to be the taxi over Christmas.

Be safe and enjoy your car.

All the best.
Aryn - Wittering
Another day and another pass!

First time attempt with me but this was Aryn's second as he took the first 4 months ago in Scotland.

Well done mate. Nice drive and now five weeks off work back home with the family.

All the best, have a great Christmas and New year.


Testimonial from Aryn who passed before Christmas.

Very professional and patient.

Richard was able to get me to become more confident and pass my test In a place I barely new (as I had not long lived In the area).

A great guy always able to comfort and relax ones nerves.

Thank you Richard!

Thanks for that mate. Have a great and long 5 week Christmas break.
Teresa - Peterborough
Another pupil leaving me today.

Well done Teresa passing today at your First Attempt. Great drive.

Congratulations, be safe and enjoy driving.

All the best.

Testimonial from Teresa who passed earlier this week.

Thank you very much again!

I never thought i'd pass first time but i did thanks to Richard's help. He was always very calm, friendly and good at explaining things. I would recommend him to any learners.

Thank you for that Teresa.

Have a good Christmas and I hope your parents don't use you too much as a 'taxi driver' over the festive period. 😉
Jo - Market Deeping
Only gone and done it again!

Another pass today and their First Attempt!

Well done Jo keeping those nerves under control even when the examiner wasn't 'helping' much.

So YES you did pass your test today it's not a dream and now you can tell the world, rather than just you and me knowing.

See you soon for the Pass Plus. 🚗🚗🚗

All the best and be safe.

Testimonial from Jo who passed first time last week.

Richard was recommended to me by a friend.

I was really nervous about learning to drive. It's something I have managed to avoid for a long time.

But it was time to face my fear and Richard made it much easier. He is very calm and reassuring and went at my pace.

It's taken me a while but I finally took my test and passed first time!!! I couldn't have done that without Richard's support and belief that I could do it.

Now it's time to go out on my own but I will definitely be contacting him in a few months to do my Pass Plus.

I would highly recommend him.

Many thanks for that Jo.

Be safe and I'll see you soon.

Adam - Market Deeping
Gone and done it again. Another pupil left.

Well done Adam, great drive passing today with only two driving faults.

I think you forgot you were on test whilst chatting to the examiner.

Nice 'role play' when telling your folks. 😁😁

Be safe and enjoy driving.
Renee - Peterborough
Oops, that's another pupil leaving me.

Only because they passed their test that their First Attempt!

Well done Renee. Great drive passing at your first attempt and with only two faults!

I know you could do it. All those nerves this morning, well done keeping them under control.

Be safe and enjoy your car.

Alice - Peterborough
Another First Time Pass!

Well done Alice, great drive today. Knew you could do it.

Be safe and enjoy driving.

Hope fully see you for the #passplus

Well done. Cheers


Testimonial from Alice.

Never thought I would pass first time but Richard was so patient and explained everything really clearly to the point that I felt very confident.

Thanks for that Alice. 🚗
Fiona - Castor
Another happy villager passing their test today at their First Attempt.

Well done Fiona, great drive and only two faults.

Testimonial from Fiona.

Here you go, thanks again, you were amazing.😃

I first got in a car 26 years ago, went through 2 instructors and never felt I had the confidence or ability to take the test and just gave up.

Now at the age of 43 (almost 44) I finally passed my test thanks to Richard.
We did a 21 hour intensive course over 5 days. It was hard going, but Richard kept me focused throughout and built my confidence and ability quickly to the point where I actually enjoy driving.

Thank you Richard for achieving what 2 other instructors failed to do, you have the patience of a saint and are a genuine good guy

Many thanks for that, enjoy driving 😁
Oliver - Castor
Nice early start on this miserable morning, but not for Oliver as he passed his practical test 😁 and with only three driving faults.

Well done mate. Nice drive.

Be safe and enjoy your car. See you around the village.

Testimonial from Oliver who passed last week.

Thank u for teaching me to drive i found the lessons to be instructive and helpful

Cheers for that. Hope you are enjoying driving.

Sean - Barnack
Another frosty early morning start and another pass!

This time at their First Attempt.

Well done Sean, great drive to get through at your first attempt and with only three driving faults.

Nice comments from the examiner as well.

Your Mum seemed happy as well, no more drop off's and pick up' s from work I'm guessing.

Enjoy your car and be safe.

A testimonial from Sean who passed last week.

I would definitely recommend Richard as a driving instructor.

He was very helpful and explains everything well.

Made it very comfortable to ask questions if I didn't understand fully, and always helps you improve.

Many thanks for that. Be safe. 🚗
Madara - Spalding
Great end to the working week with a well deserved pass for Madara.

Well done for yesterday, you worked hard for it and got it completed. So now you can do anything you wish too.

Well done again, be safe and enjoy driving and your photography.

All the best.

A testimonial from Madara who passed last week.

I think I was very lucking to find such a light-spirited and friendly instructor!

Having heard loads of horror stories about angry, shouting and aggressive instructors, so I was quiet nervous about how it would turn out, but this definitely wasn't the case.

The car was comfortable to drive and easy to feel.

The time with Richard just flew by.

If you are searching for an instructor, I can guarantee you that Richard IS THE ONE!
James - Castor
It was well worth removing the ice from the window screen ready for this morning's test as James Martin, from the village, Passed First Time with only a single driving fault.

Well done James, clearly a great drive this morning, as usual.

Enjoy your (mum's) car and be safe.

So that's the Martin's children all through their driving test.


Testimonial from James who passed a few week ago.

Richard is a great instructor and was reliable and calm when teaching me to drive managing to help me pass in 3 months and first time. Thanks Richard 👍🏻

Thanks for that James.
Micheal - Peterborough
It's been awhile since someone has taken a test, but today's early start was well worth it.

Great First Time Pass this morning for Micheal passing with only three driving faults.

Nice drive and great comments from the examiner.

Be safe and enjoy driving. 😁🚗

All the best.

Teddy - South Luffenham
Over the last few days we've done a short 19 hour intensive course which included the practical test at the end.

Great success as Teddy passed today at his first attempt with only three driving faults.

Nice comments from the examiner as well.

Great drive and enjoy your Merc.


Note from a proud and happy Parent.

Hello Richard, yes we are all delighted.

Thank you so much for such a top teaching job again.
You came with glowing references and I can see why! We will carry on spreading the word - thanks and I am still laughing to myself about teddy asking to use cruise control. That is so him in a car!! Nice work and thanks again.

If he does make it in the racing driver world you can always say you taught him to drive too 👌
Jasmine - Longthorpe
Great end to the week.

Well done Jasmin in passing your driving test today 😁😁😁.

With only four faults as well. Now you need to insure your car and became your parents 'taxi'.

Be safe and enjoy.

Testimonial from Jasmin who passed her driving test recently.

"Richard was a great driving instructor, he filled me with confidence and I would definitely recommend him"

Thanks for that Jasmin. Hope you're getting on well.
Millie - Marholm
Another First Time Pass today!

Well done Millie Hawkins great drive today on a difficult route ending up with only four driving faults and great comments from the examiner.

That 'lucky stone' did it's job. But you clearly didn't need it.

Be safe and enjoy your car.

Best regards

Hi Richard,
I just wanted to say a BIG thank you very much for being my instructor and getting me through my test at the first attempt.

You are Fantastic!!!!

Sam - Hampton
Great start to the weekend.

Well do Sam for passing your driving test today with only 2 driving faults.

England to beat Sweden next Sam.

All the best and keep safe.
Taylor - Peterborough
Another First Time Pass this morning in the sunshine.

Well done Taylor, great drive today finishing with only two driving faults and great comments from the examiner.

Well done mate, be safe and enjoy driving.
Harriet - Stanground
Great end to the week with another First Time Pass.

Well done Harriet Ward passing your driving test today at your first attempt.

You managed to keep those nerves to one side and blast the test. 😁

Really well done you did deserved it with all the effort you put into driving.

Be safe and enjoy car shopping.
Charlie - Castor
Nice early morning test today, finishing with my tenth clean sheet.

Great result as Charlie Talbot passed his test with ZERO faults. Must of been a great drive and great comments from the examiner particularly how you calmly dealt with the child that walked out in front of you.

Don't change the way you drive as your test sheet shows that you can drive well.
Well done, be safe.

I'm sure you will be.

Aaron - Ailsworth
Another good day at the office.

Well done Aaron passing your driving test today with only four faults.

Nice drive.

Enjoy your car but take it steady and be safe.

See you around the village.


Testimonial from Aaron would passed his test earlier in the week.

Richard is a good reliable instructor, helping me to pass in just over 2 and a half months.
I would recommend everyone using Richard, who not only helps you with tips for passing your test. But, also tips for after the test in the future.

Thanks mate. Be safe and enjoy.
Amy - Castor
Great day yesterday. Another first time pass and again with only three driving faults.

Well done Amy. Great drive, really nice drive.

Be safe and I'll see you driving around the village. 😁

Testimonial from Amy who passed last week.

Hi Richard, Just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful instructor.
It's safe to say I wasn't a natural at driving but you were so patient and persevered with the extremely harsh braking at first that in time you've taught me how to drive safe and correctly on the roads! (And you didn't need a neck brace 😂).
I've always felt we spent an ideal amount of time learning each new thing so it never felt rushed. Everything was explained so well and I always felt I could ask any questions if I was ever unsure (and I certainly asked LOTS! 😂).
And as for the exam...well I think you should make that examiners interior mirror fall off before everyone's exam because that certainly got rid of all my nerves! 😂
Well that's my genuine thanks to you.
Thanks again, Amy 🚗☺️🚙

Nice one. I really enjoyed our lessons and your company. Be safe and I hope to see you for the Pass Plus.
Fran - Peterborough
Great day with another First Time Pass for Francesca and with only three driving faults.

Lovely comments from the examiner as well.

Fran only had 35 hours of tuition but drives really well, safely and confidently. Just the job.

Really well done and enjoy driving.

All the best.

Testimonial from Fran who passed FIRST TIME last week.

Thanks to Richard I was able to past first time with only 3 minors. He was patient, calm and made me feel comfortable when driving. He was able to pick me up from different locations where every I was on time so I’m very glad I had Richard as a driving instructor.

Thank you for that Fran. I enjoyed teaching you. Enjoy your Clio. Be safe.
Declan - Castor
Good start to the day. Early test and a first time pass.

Well done Declan for an excellent drive passing first time and with only three driving faults.

That's both brother and sister through their tests at their first attempt.

Be safe and enjoy driving your Corsa.


Testimonial from Declan who passed this.

Thanks to Richard, RJA's Driving School he helped me pass my driving test with flying colours first time. He was always punctual and helpful if I needed to change times. I would thoroughly recommend RJA's Driving School.

All the best. 😁 🚗
George - Stamford
First day on the road under the new branding and my first pass. Great day 😁

Well done George, we got there. It was worth the wait.

Be careful when driving the works van in London.

All the best, hope to see you soon for the Pass Plus.
George - Ailsworth
That's the fourth and final test of the week and it ends with another pass!

Well done George. Got it sorted!

Now you can concentrate on Uni.

All the best. Cheers
Dominic - Peterborough
Second test of the day with Yupha the first and then Dom.

Well done Dom getting through today with only a couple of faults. Nice drive.

So now the L Plates are off your car!

Dominic completed a semi intensive course over the schools Christmas and New Year holiday with his test the week going back to school.
Yupha - Stamford

Well done Yupha. Nice steady drive today to get through your test.

Kept yourself focused with your eyes on the prize!

well done again and enjoy your long awaited return home to see your family.
William - West Deeping
It's been a while since a pupil has gone to test but it happened today with William.
This was his first attempt and he passed with only a handful of faults. Well done William and I'll see you next week for the Pass Plus course.

It was worth putting the test back a couple of weeks to get this result. 😁
Laura - Ailsworth
Testimonial from Laura who passed a few weeks ago.

Huge thanks to Richard for helping me pass my driving test. He was able to give me lots of great information before starting and I never felt rushed. The plan we followed helped me feel confident with each aspect of driving. Whilst learning I ‘flapped’ when something went wrong however Richard was always able to get me to focus and be calm again. I would definitely recommend Richard and thank him for all his patience with me.

Thanks for that Laura. Hope you are enjoying driving. 😁🚘

Tests are like buses, they come in twos.

Here's today;s pass! It's Laura Hill from the village. Great drive today ending in a Pass and with only a handful of faults.

Not so sure that your mums going to be so happy though as she could be losing her car more. 😉

Really well done for sticking with it and getting to this stage.

Be safe and enjoy it. 😁😁😁
Viswanathan - Peterborough
​​​​​​​ I went with Richard after reading his testimonials and I'm so pleased that I did as I passed first time and now progress at work as I was needed to travel between Peterborough and Coventry. Many thanks Richard.

Vis had been driving before and just needed a little refresher before taking his test, so he opted for the Test Booster course and it worked.
Well done. See you soon for the Pass Plus training.

Desi - Castor
​​​​​​​ I am so happy that I am finally a driver! At 36, I was embarrassed that I left this so late and honestly was not confident at all. I was so lucky to have found the best instructor - I owe my success to the skills and immense patience of Richard Anker!
He was recommended to me by our babisitter, who was only 17 and already passed her test successfully with him.
Richard is also local and I found that very convinient too. But the best thing was that Richard made me feel at ease from the very beginning. He was always patient and friendly, and explained everything to me clearly and as many times as I needed. I am not a 'natural' driver, so it was more difficult for me to relax and get everything right - but Richard guided me patiently in the right direction and tailored the lessons to my individual pace and level of learning.
I cannot be happier that I will be able to drive my family around, go to the supermarket and also - get out of Castor on a Sunday, when there is no bus!:))
Thank you so much, Richard - you made me a free and confident person!

It was my pleasure, I enjoyed every lesson. So now the job market is a lot bigger for you. Good luck.
Rebecca - Corby
​​​​​​​ Learning to drive with Richard was inspiring.
He is a brilliant instructor who makes you feel at ease from the first lesson. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn to drive.
I now feel confident on the road all thanks to having an incredible driving instructor :) Thanks Richard!!!

It was totally my pleasure Bexx. Well done passing your test with a really good drive. Bexx has also now completed the Pass Plus training which she said was really useful.
Take it easy and keep safe in your nice car.
Al - Stamford
​​​​​​​ My cousin recommended Richard to me after he passed first time with him and I'm glad that he did as I also passed first time with Richard. Great instructor, just what Ed said about him and I now can drive my car that's been sitting on my drive. Many thanks Richard.

I'm glad to be of help and pleased that you got through first time. Well done.
Fred - Huntingdon
​​​​​​​ I passed first time with Richard, he's the best instructor I've had. He puts you at ease and explains everything in detail, all the manoeuvres that I was afraid of became easy to perform. Richard spots all... of your mistakes and tells you about them straight away so you can reflect and improve immediately. I highly recommend him if you want to pass! Thanks Richard!

Fred took his test in Cambridge, which he had never driven around before. He went for the 20 hour Midway Pass course and it worked well as he got through with a really good drive with only three minors. Well do mate. Keep safe.
Emma - Empingham
​​​​​​​ Richard is a highly skilled instructor and I am pleased I asked him to teach me to drive. After starting up with driving and then stopping and driving a 4x4 round the farm I had picked up a few bad habits but with Richard I got there.

We had some good laughs and crazy times but he was also professional and patient and taught me everything I didn't know about driving and the MIRRORS.

He always has a positive calm attitude and makes you feel relax from day one. Richard is a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone who is taking up driving. Richard is one in a million and thank you for getting me though my test I am amazed I passed first time with only 2 minors and it's down to you and your lessons.

I also did pass plus with Richard and that was again a great day. We had another good laugh and great morning out but again I learnt a great deal with Richard.

I highly recommend that everyone does pass plus. THANK YOU Richard.

We did have a good time while driving. I don't think Emma realised that she was also being taught how to drive at the same time because everything was so relaxed.
Nicholas - Ketton
I learnt to drive with Richard by doing a one week intensive course, it was one of the best choices I ever made.
I had very little experience of driving before the course but 30 hours in a car with Richard was more than enough to allow me to pass first time. Richard is a very good instructor who plans the lessons to make the most of the time in the car.
He is very patient and never loses his temper and if you're lucky he will even buy you lunch.
The LDC workbook and DVD were very helpful for learning the basics before the lessons and made the lessons much easier. Thank you for helping me pass first time.
Lucy - Exton
​​​​​​​ I cannot recommend Richard highly enough as a driving instructor. Richard is very experienced, he is calm, friendly, reliable and able to explain all aspects of driving in a way that is easy to understand and perform.
I had taken lessons and tests in the past and I was quite nervous about getting back into driving lessons after a 3 year break, but Richard put me completely at ease.
I also received an LDC Driving Skills Workbook to read through. I found it contained all information you need to know from start to finish about driving, performing manoeuvres and what the examiner will expect, including all the 'Show me/Tell me' questions and answers. It was very easy to follow and understand.
After a 2 hour driving assessment with Richard I decided on a Midway Pass course which was 20 hours of intensive in-car tuition where I was taught everything I needed to know to drive and manoeuvre the car safely and competently and guided me through what to expect on my test.
I am very pleased to say I passed with 5 minors thanks to Richard's expertise! Thank you Richard!

We completed the assessment drive and from that we decided that we would book the practical driving test and then arrange the lessons prior to that date doing a short intensive course. The results speak for themselves. Well done Lucy.
Shanice - Wood Walton
​​​​​​​ I'd had other instructors but didn't seem to be progressing, but with only 20 hours with Richard I felt confident and able to pass my time first time with only 4 minors.

William - Thornhaugh
I took my driving lessons with Richard. He is funny and easy to talk to, after a few short months of lessons he had me ready for my test. He was very flexible with fitting lessons in around my work hours. He made sure I was prepared for any eventuality whilst driving in all conditions.

Will had had a few lessons before we started, but we started at the begin just to ensure the basics were fully understood and quickly moved on covering all aspects of driving including the manoeuvres which we completed easily. Will works all hours in a hotel so this will make it a lot easier for all.
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